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Since , at least state inmates have sought services related to transgender dysphoria; less than a dozen of them requested surgery. But there's a catch: National standards of care suggest patients get a year of "real-life experience" as their identified gender before committing to surgery. That would be difficult, if not impossible, in a men's prison.

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The outside expert in transgender health agreed the DOC has no data or experience on which to "predict outcomes, prevent harm and maintain safety" related to letting Campbell try living fully as a woman in a men's prison. Until then, DOC has denied the surgery, electrolysis and makeup to Campbell, the latter two as not medically necessary.

Previously, the 7th Circuit upheld a judge's decision declaring Wisconsin's Sex Change Prevention Act unconstitutional. Use the following address when sending correspondence and parcels to staff:. This document provides you with general information about the institution, programs, rules, and regulations that you will encounter during your confinement. Familiarizing yourself with this information and knowing your responsibilities will help you to adjustment to institution life.

In the Department of Justice authorized and established a Commissary at each Federal institution.

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Funds deposited by your family, friends, or other sources are stored in your commissary account that we maintain. This document outlines the procedures for access to legal reference materials and legal counsel, and the opportunities that you will be afforded to prepare legal documents while incarcerated. Inmate Legal Activities. This report, posted on August 7, , details the findings of an audit that was conducted by an outside contractor to determine compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act PREA.

The report was written by the contractor, not the Bureau of Prisons, and the content is the contractor's work product. Find a document Resources For Federal Bureau of Prisons. Visiting Information Visiting Overview How to visit an inmate. Sixty-five inmates, many of whom have committed horrific crimes including multiple murders, violent attacks and sexual assault, responded to the surveys. How to manage such violent or non-compliant inmates — without worsening their behavior or mental health problems — is a big challenge for prison systems.

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Because of the negative effects of long-term indefinite solitary confinement, Colorado has largely ended this practice, which a top United Nations expert has said is equivalent to torture after 15 days. In , the Wisconsin Department of Corrections implemented policies — although not all inmates were aware of the changes — to reduce the amount of time inmates spend in solitary for disciplinary reasons and narrowed the types of offenses that can land them there. It also has made moves to remove prisoners with serious mental illnesses from solitary and to require that psychological staff provide input when such inmates are facing placement in solitary, spokesman Tristan Cook said.

The result is a large drop in inmates in all forms of solitary confinement from a high of 1, in March to 1, as of Feb. Of those, 93 were in administrative confinement. The Department of Corrections has made moves to remove prisoners with serious mental illnesses from solitary and to require that psychological staff provide input when such inmates are facing placement in solitary.

As of Oct. The study, based on surveys of 48 correctional systems including the U. Bureau of Prisons, found that nearly all had made or were planning to make changes to reduce the use of isolation.

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The state Department of Corrections describes administrative confinement as "an involuntary non-punitive status" for inmates who pose "a serious threat to life, property, self, staff or other inmates, or to the security of the facility. There are signs that Wisconsin is beginning to improve conditions for inmates held in solitary confinement. Former Waupun Correctional Institution prison psychologist Bradley Boivin left his job at the prison earlier in after he expressed strong disagreement with prison officials over several issues, including the treatment of inmates, especially those with mental illness.

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In solitary units, Boivin said, inmates receive clinical attention according to their mental health status. Individuals with the highest classifications are required to be seen once a week. Inmates with a classification of less severe mental illness are seen every two weeks. Former prison psychologist Bradley Boivin believes these "drive-bys" are insufficient. These brief encounters are often the only routine clinical contact inmates in solitary confinement receive, he said. Ten inmates in our survey reported attempting suicide while in administrative confinement.

I hear voices in my head. Shirell Watkins said he has tried twice to hang himself while in solitary confinement. Shirell Watkins, 37, said he has tried twice to hang himself while in solitary confinement. Watkins, who is serving a year sentence for reckless homicide, said he has spent years in various forms of solitary at three institutions, most recently Green Bay Correctional Institution. In early , the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that one staff member was fired, one resigned and another retired from the DOC-run Milwaukee County Secure Detention Facility after they were caught on audiotape taunting an inmate and withholding his medication.

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He was being held in solitary confinement. Mark Smith said he has had nine stints on suicide watch. He described administrative confinement as "a total hell. Mark Smith, 47, currently housed at Boscobel, said he has had nine stints on suicide watch. He claims that when he becomes irritated, officers sometimes withhold his medications for conditions including intermittent explosive disorder, polysubstance dependence and antisocial personality disorder. Smith has been incarcerated since on burglary and recklessly endangering safety as a habitual criminal.

Salas, who is serving time for arson and was released on extended supervision in August, said staff had retaliated against him by withholding medicine he takes for post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep and anxiety. Manuel Salas, who was released from Columbia Correctional Institution on extended supervision in August , said he had attempted suicide a "number of times" over his 10 years in solitary, some of it spent in administrative confinement. Boivin used to hear these kinds of complaints from inmates, and he usually did not believe them.

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