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You can search for any account whose property taxes are collected by the Fort Bend County Tax Office. After locating the account, you can pay online by credit card or eCheck. Please follow the instructions below. Enter an account number, owner's name last name first , address, CAD reference number, or fiduciary number, then select a Search By option. Years into the litigation, Fort Bend asserted for the first time that the District Court lacked jurisdiction to adjudicate Davis' religion-based discrimination claim because she had not stated such a claim in her EEOC charge.

Granting the motion, the District Court held that Davis had not satisfied the charge-filing requirement with respect to her claim of religion-based discrimination, and that the requirement qualified as "jurisdictional," which made it nonforfeitable. The Fifth Circuit reversed.

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Title VII's charge-filing requirement, the Court of Appeals held, is not jurisdictional; instead, the requirement is a prudential prerequisite to suit, forfeited in Davis' case because Fort Bend did not raise it until after "an entire round of appeals all the way to the Supreme Court. We granted Fort Bend's petition for certiorari, U. Compare, e. Calvert Group, Ltd. Citizens for Better Environment , U. In recent years, the Court has undertaken "[t]o ward off profligate use of the term. Auburn Regional Medical Center , U.

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As earlier noted, see supra , at ————, the word "jurisdictional" is generally reserved for prescriptions delineating the classes of cases a court may entertain subject-matter jurisdiction and the persons over whom the court may exercise adjudicatory authority personal jurisdiction. Kontrick , U. Congress may make other prescriptions jurisdictional by incorporating them into a jurisdictional provision, as Congress has done with the amount-in-controversy requirement for federal-court diversity jurisdiction. See 28 U. In addition, the Court has stated it would treat a requirement as "jurisdictional" when "a long line of [Supreme] Cour[t] decisions left undisturbed by Congress" attached a jurisdictional label to the prescription.

Union Pacific R. Locomotive Engineers , U. Russell , U. See also John R. United States , U. Scarborough v. Principi , U.

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Passing references to Title VII's charge-filing requirement as "jurisdictional" in prior Court opinions, see, e. Green , U. Characterizing a rule as a limit on subject-matter jurisdiction "renders it unique in our adversarial system. Unlike most arguments, challenges to subject-matter jurisdiction may be raised by the defendant "at any point in the litigation," and courts must consider them sua sponte. Gonzalez v.

Thaler , U. United States v. Kwai Fun Wong , U. The Court has therefore stressed the distinction between jurisdictional prescriptions and nonjurisdictional claim-processing rules, which "seek to promote the orderly progress of litigation by requiring that the parties take certain procedural steps at certain specified times. Shinseki , U. A claim-processing rule may be "mandatory" in the sense that a court must enforce the rule if a party "properly raise[s]" it.

Eberhart v. But an objection based on a mandatory claim-processing rule may be forfeited "if the party asserting the rule waits too long to raise the point. The Court has "reserved whether mandatory claim-processing rules may [ever] be subject to equitable exceptions. Neighborhood Housing Servs. The Court has characterized as nonjurisdictional an array of mandatory claim-processing rules and other preconditions to relief. These include: the Copyright Act's requirement that parties register their copyrights or receive a denial of registration from the Copyright Register before commencing an infringement action, Reed Elsevier, Inc.

Muchnick , U. Trans World Airlines, Inc. See, e. While not demanding that Congress "incant magic words" to render a prescription jurisdictional, Auburn , U. Title VII's charge-filing requirement is not of jurisdictional cast. To ensure that this "limitation would not impede an employment-discrimination complainant's access to a federal forum," Arbaugh v. See Arbaugh , U.

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Instead, Title VII's charge-filing provisions "speak to They require complainants to submit information to the EEOC and to wait a specified period before commencing a civil action. Like kindred provisions directing parties to raise objections in agency rulemaking, id. Brief for Petitioner Title VII states in 42 U. But as just observed, see supra , at ————, the charge-filing requirement is stated in provisions discrete from Title VII's conferral of jurisdiction on federal courts.

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See Sebelius v. Resisting this conclusion, Fort Bend points to statutory schemes that channel certain claims to administrative agency adjudication first, followed by judicial review in a federal court. In Elgin v. Department of Treasury , U. See also Thunder Basin Coal Co. Reich , U. Nowhere do these cases, or others cited by Fort Bend, address the issue here presented: whether a precondition to suit is a mandatory claim-processing rule subject to forfeiture, or a jurisdictional prescription. Fort Bend further maintains that "[t]he congressional purposes embodied in the Title VII scheme," notably, encouraging conciliation and affording the EEOC first option to bring suit, support jurisdictional characterization of the charge-filing requirement.

But a prescription does not become jurisdictional whenever it "promotes important congressional objectives. And recognizing that the charge-filing requirement is nonjurisdictional gives plaintiffs scant incentive to skirt the instruction.

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Defendants, after all, have good reason promptly to raise an objection that may rid them of the lawsuit filed against them. A Title VII complainant would be foolhardy consciously to take the risk that the employer would forgo a potentially dispositive defense. In sum, a rule may be mandatory without being jurisdictional, and Title VII's charge-filing requirement fits that bill.

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  • For the reasons stated, the judgment of the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit is. Back to Results. Download Print Get alerts. Fort Bend Cnty. Davis S. Browse cases. Supreme Court. Cases citing this document How cited Brown v.