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WEP is an old standard to provide wireless network security. It is least secure and can be cracked very easily. Don't forget to change your password too! At least 15 characters long with case letters, numbers, and punctuations to make your password strong. Try to avoid common phrases, names, or places. In other words, skip John Also, never use the same password for multiple accounts and steer clear of recycling past passwords. Time to put an end to those annoying WiFi leechers. By John Lim. Thankfully, there are a few methods for sniffing out wireless intruders, like:.

Check your wireless router lights. Check to see if another IP address is in your device list. Use apps and programs to scan your computer. Do you have experiences of your WiFi being stolen? Let us know in the comments below! But you can do something about it!

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You are now subscribed to the SAYS newsletter! VoIP Clients also known as Voice over IP is a piece of software that allows users to speak on a chat and voice channel with fellow users much like a phone call. We are going to specifically look at the TeamSpeak Client. When using the teamspeak client users connect to a teamspeak server of their choice, from there they can join voice channels. When your connection is sent to a teamspeak server, by default anybody can view your IP address. The administrator of the teamspeak can disable a users ability to view other client addresses or restrict it to certain groups.

Command Prompt Basics - Find out Who's Stealing your Wi-Fi [Tutorial 5]

I would recommend restricting the ability to view client addresses from everybody even yourself. To verify that at least your IP is hidden from users of your group right click another user and view their client address. A lot of random teamspeaks may steal your ip and sell it or expose it. We will discuss further down how to protect your IP in teamspeak. But I would recommend you just do not join ANY teamspeak servers that you are not familiar with.

We see this in games like Battlefield, Minecraft, etc. When a user connects to the minecraft server unlike teamspeak not every user can view your IP easily.

See what's connected to your network

Generally, what you have to be careful about is joining servers that might have been created for the sole purpose of stealing your IP. There are also games where you can run something called a sniffer that captures the IP addresses of the connected players. This is commonly done through a url that links to a website that logs the IP address of the visitor.

Basically, the user would create a link and run it through say a link modifier and send it to a target. Once the target has clicked the link the user now has their ip and whatever other information they could capture. A user can even take a link from say a news article website and mask it to look like another news website but in reality it just steals a targets IP address.

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I actually am not very sure if this works for many email services anymore but I know it used to work and still does work on a lot of services. You are able to trace an ip through an email address. Each email you receive has a header which contains information about the routing of the message and the originating destination of the message. You most likely cannot do this with many email services anymore. If you do use a email service that is vulnerable to this the email header will display the origination IP and the computer name that sent the email. When you register on a website your IP address is usually logged and tied to your account.

This means you can find out where the DoS attack is coming from. If you have a dynamic IP address you can refresh your IP meaning if someone gets your IP you can change it and protect yourself. When it comes to skype I am going to give you a suggestion and then a method to help you keep your IP safe and secure.

If your online alias is John Cena and your skype is JohnCena this is a bad idea. If your skype name is randomskypecena but your display name is still John Cena people in the skype search can search your skype. If you used say your public email johncena gmail.

Steal Ip Address « Wonder How To

After this you can also setup a proxy for skype which is used to hide the users ip. Search for https or socks5 proxies with high anonymity, speed, and speed in your country unless you want high af ping. Once you are finished you hit save and boom. You can also not use skype and use a service like Discord which offers free and secure voice and text communication.

We will talk about discord further down.

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When it comes to teamspeak there are things you can do as the server owner and things you can do as a regular user to protect ip addresses. I am going to first give you suggestions again and then talk about some methods. I would suggest that users do NOT join random teamspeak servers.

My suggestion for server owners disable the ability to view client addresses for everybody even yourself if you can will yourself to do it. What you can do is use a VPN to tunnel every kind of network traffic to the outside. Basically, you route your data to a server which then sends that data to say the teamspeak server you are connecting to aka a middleman. But, the downside of that is a VPN routes all your information through the server unless configured otherwise.

My last method for protecting your IP is instead of using teamspeak use a service like I mentioned above discord. Discord allows you to create voice channels with high audio quality for free and without the worries of your ip being stolen. If I ever feel a link is weird even if its from a friend I run it through a link preview site on a website that loads the site before connecting me to it.

If you really want to stay safe from DDoS attacks then I am going to have to recommend that you use a VPN as it provides the best of everything.

How to Tell If Your WiFi Network Has Been Hacked

The link will bring you to a PC magazine article about the VPN service that will also give you a guide on how VPN services work, how to install them, etc. Though some VPN programs allow you to exclude specific applications from being routed through it.

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  5. Otherwise, when you are connected to a VPN you may notice higher ping, lower download and upload speeds. You can google VPN services though that specialize in providing high speeds.

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    I very rarely even use a proxy and the only time somebody snagged my IP was through a teamspeak server. This is actually a fairly new service that I learned about while at a convention called Twitchcon. Discord is a free and quality alternative to Skype and Teamspeak.