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You can change your cookie settings at any time. Either parent can register the birth on their own. The details of both parents can be included on the birth certificate if one of the following happens:. Male couples must get a parental order from the court before they can be registered as parents.

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If the parents cannot register the birth for example, for medical reasons , certain other people can do it:. To help us improve GOV. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Skip to main content. Will I have a difficult time legally changing her last name to mine without him being present? Hello Melissa. Ok so i have a couple of question i am legally married but havent seen or spoken to my husband in over 3 years.

Hello Lindsey. Whether your husband or the babies biological father is listed on the birth certificate may depend on the laws of the state where your child will be born.

Add the father to your child's birth registration

We suggest you contact the state vital records office fro more information and answers to your questions. Attorney General office no longer has our DNA test that established paternity. Hello Chanel.

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The requirements for amending a birth certificate may vary from state to state. We suggest you contact the court system to determine what steps you will need to take in order to add the father to the birth certificate. If you do not have a copy of the paternity results , you may have to find if they are on file somewhere with the state or perhaps have another test administered.

He will be in the delivery room when our daughter is born. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your daughter. Can i correct and delete his name? The requirements for amendments to vital records may vary by vital records agency. How would it work if we are listing two unmarried women on the certificate as parents? Hello Jasmine. The requirements can vary from state to state so we suggest you contact Florida Health for more information.

So my husband was married before me and he left her when she was pregnant. Him and I met and he proposed to me. We were married when she had his child. A DNA test was done and my husband was the father. We had to pay the state back five years of child support to the state and then start paying her child support. Why did she do this. Hello Sami. Can I go to his house and demand that he give her to me and he has to do so right?

Do I need to contact local law enforcement before showing up at his house to pick up my daughter, to tell them the situation, and ask for a police escort because I know he is going to refuse and I can see things possibly getting out of hand he is going to be very angry. Will the police escort me and agree with me that he has to give her to me? Hello Kacie. You should consider contacting the police as soon as possible for assistance with this matter. We suggest you check with the passport office to verify whether you will need to have a consent letter or not.

I live in Pennsylvania and I have a 9 year old daughter. My husband and I have been together since she was 5 months old and have been married for 4 years and have 2 other daughters together. She has been asking for about 2 years to change her last name she has my maiden name she would like to have the same last name as everyone else in our household.

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We have all discussed this topic hundreds of times and it is what my daughter and husband want. Hello Shannon. We suggest you contact the vital records agency that originally issued her birth certificate for more information about the requirements. Hi my daughter had a baby and her and boyfriend are not married. We were told if there are any mistakes on the form he would not be listed on the birth certificate. If these facts dont match his records will that affect him being listed as thr father on the birth certificate??

Unmarried fathers Dont sign that Birth Certificate Follow up

Thank you. Hello Shelly. Each state may have different requirements for information provided for a birth certificate. Check with the vital records agency in the state where the birth took place for more information. And what requirements do I need in order to show proof. Hello Yajaira. Please click here to visit the Texas Department of Health and Human Service website for more information on the requirements.

Hope this helps! I am trying to get my daughter a passport. Her father is not on the birth certificate still, but we have a child support order and was genetically found to be her father. Even though he is not on the birth certificate do I need his consent to get the passport.

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There is no legal custody order.. Hello Dana. Hello Veronica. You may want to contact someone who specializes in family law in the state where you reside to determine if you are required by law to include your estranged husband on the birth certificate when your child is born. What is the next step I need to take?

Thank you for your question Christian. If you are looking for other information regarding paternal rights, we suggest you contact a family rights legal professional as they would likely be of more assistance to you. Thank you and best regards. He was never given a birth certificate. Is it legal to bring him into the USA with our names on his birth certificate even though he is actually not our conceived son?. He is now 10 years old, we love him as our own and he Loves us both.

Unfortunately, we are unable to answer your question as it is beyond our knowledge base. You may want to consult with a legal specialist in the area of family law for more information. She is 5 now. When we had her we werent married at the time and I unfortunately was still married to my ex husband. They tell me he has to sign a form stating he is not the father, may I add, hes been in prison in another state for the last 7 years.

I have no idea where to go or what to do. I have tried for 5 years and I am stressed beyond belief.

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Someone please help. Hello Rebekah. Sorry to hear about your dilemma. Might be an option. So currently I am 6 months pregnant and the father of my child is already not being there consistently and I just know how this will turn out in the end. And then I told him I wanted to put him on child support and he keeps telling me no that he will go to jail. What should I do?

Hello Mira. We are sorry to hear about your dilemma. You might be able to get some information about this from your local or state vital records office.

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My daughter is biological father is making it to where I have to ask him for permission to get our daughter but his name is not on her birth certificate and she is now 1 years old and he has still not tried to fill out his information to be on her birth certificate does he have the rights to keep my child away from me in make it to where I have to ask him for permission to even see her. Hello Tink. Sorry to hear about the issues you are encountering. Since the parental rights laws vary from state to state, it might be best for you to consult with a family law expert in your state to determine who has what rights with regards to your daughter.

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