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Growing up in the Little Italy neighborhood of Manhattan , New York , Ida was inducted into the Genovese crime family in the late s. Ida was placed in the Little Italy-based crew of captain Matthew "Matty the Horse" Ianniello , frequently serving as Ianniello's bodyguard and chauffeur.

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Ida's younger brother Joseph also served in Ianniello's crew. In , after Ianniello was convicted on federal racketeering charges, Ida took over the Ianniello crew. In , after consigliere Louis Manna was convicted of federal racketeering charges, Ida became the official consigliere of the Genovese family.

When boss Vincent Gigante and underboss Venero Mangano went to prison, Ida handled the day-to-day functions of the Genovese family with acting boss Liborio Bellomo. Each vendor working at the Feast had to pay tribute to the Genovese family. The city would then assess each vendor a 25 percent permit fee based on this rent. The end result was that the city and charities received very little money. Ida also owned a social club in Little Italy that he used for family business. However, in , capo James Messera was sent to prison based partly on conversations recorded by law enforcement at the club.

Ida soon switched to conducting business on walks through the neighborhood and meetings in diners and parks. To counter Ida's new strategy, Federal investigators in obtained warrants for use of roving bugs and were able to intercept six of Ida's conversations with family members and union associates. Hope this helps and maybe readers can add more. The sponsors are listed as Abraham Paul and Margaret Paul.

Can you provide any information on this? Thank you so much for your information and time. With luck, a reader will be able to help? Thank you for the information. Were you related to Parsons family from Dorset U. I had an ancestor Elizabeth Organ and I am working on my genealogy..

My Aunt Laura married a Rose in N L I am up in age and trying to do genealogy for my grand children before my memory gets worse. Doing my research, I came across lots of possibly ancestors of the Rose family.

Do you have relatives in Rose Blanche? There was Elizabeth Organ born about , one born , and others in N. Some from N L and some Ireland, etc. What area are you from?

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We may be related. Hello Dorothy, I believe we may be cousins, are you from Rushoon? Hi Dorothy, Your website is really interesting.

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Hi Paula, and thank you. I have nothing that would help you, sorry. But if you want to post some family names here, maybe someone reading might know more. My great aunt Mary Murphy was born Oderin She married Thomas Mason born I have not found a marriage certificate but her first child was born Any more details? Maybe someone else knows about it. Hi there! I have been searching for years for certain family members because it was passed down through the family that we may be of aboriginal descent, but I am having an extremely hard time finding any information on her, let alone anything on her ethnicity.

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My great grandmother was Anna Norcott Northcott? Her parents were Fred Norcott, and Ellen Fitzgerald. That is literally where I run out of information. Please help! Hi, my name is April. I am looking for info on Ellen or Elline Bailey.

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My great grandmother was Sarah Whiffen, her parents were Charles and Ellen or Elline in the earlier census records. Ive also seen another daughter Margaret named and possibly a son George. Ive pretty much put most of the Whiffen side together very easily but cant find anything else on Ellen. Thank you for any info you may have or can help with. I am a descendant of Hannah Organ, born Oct.

Ida and Louise Cook, Two Unusual Heroines of the Second World War

John MacIntosh and afterwards Patrick Curtis, but can not find any info on her parents. Does anyone know? Thank you! My question — do you know of a link to that site that is in English? Any suggestions? He was 5 when his mother left Woods Island my g grandfather watched her leave on the boat and he was raised by the Carter family Thomas Cartier possibly Carter Josephs godfather.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tammy. Hi Tammy, thanks, I had your gggrandparents in my database but no parents for them. Ancestry has , as you do, and has his parents as William Abbott and Clara Gennex.

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No more info on either of them unfortunately. That information in Ancestry must be wrong. My mother was Nora Ellen Strickland- she always said she had a grandmother or great grandmother named Elizabeth Balle who was. Do you have any records of this? Thank you very much, Cynthia McKeen. He was born in LaPoile. That would make him born about She died in Cape Ray, Nfld.

That would have him born On an Ancestry message board , he is named as William James Jeans. Two sons are named, Charles Ephraim and Albert Mansiah. You may know all this but I hope it will help find readers who may have more information. Ann Davis and James Jeans also had a daughter. Annie Elizabeth Jeans b.

May d. June 4 She married Medric Blanchard b. He is the son of Magloire Blanchard and Louise Ryan. Ann Davis would be my g-g-g-grandmother. Hi Dorothy, I have a question that you might be able to answer. The documentation collected by my family members when researching the Benoit line has been passed along to me and it includes a connection for which i cannot find any solid proof. The proposed relationship goes like this… John Benoit son of Sebastian b. Georges — d. They are both living at Chimney Cove at the time. The record indicates William is the son of John Benoit.

I cant seem to find any information that this William who married Susannah is in fact the son of John and Mary Anne. Hi Jason, I have the same info you have.