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There are agents available within the U. I create an LLC with you, and you helped me get my EIN, I went to different branchs of diffrent banks in the Us trying to open a business bank account but they told me I cannot open a business bank account because I am non us resident. Nery, for this question we recommend you speak with a tax professional.

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Unfortunately, we do not provide service for ITIN and are unable to answer your question. What can I do to correct it so it will be under LLC. Darlene, typically the first step of the process is to form the LLC then build off it from there. Hello I am not an American resident. I created an offshore LLC company.

I am the owner and I have my EIN. I want to open a bank account in the United States without moving. This is more of a question? I have an ITIN number already I need to know if I'm able to use it to apply for an apartment or maybe purchase a car Or is it only for taxes? And if I'm not working..

Obtain a Federal Tax ID Number from the IRS - Maryland Business Express (MBE)

So many more questions not enough time.. We encourage you to check with a tax professional if you have specific questions about where you can use your ITIN. And, do you could help us un the end-to-end process to start a new LLC? Do You have spanish support? We can best answer those questions for you if you call during business hours EST. Ask to speak to Alex Oliveras, as he speaks Spanish. Disclaimer: Harvard Business Services, Inc. We cannot render legal or financial advice and your use of this site is subject to additional terms and conditions.

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For more guidance on making this important choice, see Need someone to prepare your tax return? It may take up to four weeks after the IRS receives an update for a tax return preparer's information to be added or revised in the directory. Search for Tax Return Preparers Use this tool to research tax return preparers near you or to determine the type of credentials or qualifications held by a specific tax professional.

Apply for IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your Amazon Business

All tax return preparers are not in this directory. Ensure you know and understand the different types of credentials and qualifications. Related Sites U. Search for Tax Return Preparers. Use this tool to research tax return preparers near you or to determine the type of credentials or qualifications held by a specific tax professional.

The Facts About the Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN)

Zip Code. Last Name You may enter the first 3 letters of the last name for a search result. Attorney Credential.

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Certified Public Accountant Credential. Enrolled Agent Credential.

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Enrolled Actuary Credential.