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Developing a sense of self or an identity is an essential part of every individual becoming mature. Some traits, such as race, are set at birth. Some traits may be modified later in life such as language s spoken or religious preferences. Struggling with various parts of identity is natural and normal.

Borderline Personality Disorder and Identity Problems

Developing an identity or sense of self and those traits a person desires to have can take time and may be challenging. One may find themself struggling with identity issues which lead to depression, hopelessness, addiction , and more. Psychotherapy offers a place in which people may discuss the issues related to their identity.

Through psychotherapy , people may reduce their depression, find ways to cope with struggles associated with their identity issues, and ultimately find themselves in the process.

Certain mental health conditions may give an individual a distorted view of their identity. For example:. A poor sense of self-worth also known as poor self-esteem occurs when you come to believe that you have little value or worth.

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This often occurs when key people in your life are critical towards you, or when you are perfectionist, and critical towards yourself. In either case, the tendency is to harshly judge, and ignore or play down the importance of real accomplishments, even when it makes no sense to act this way. There may also be a belief present to the effect that self-worth can only be based on the acclaim of other "popular" high status people, even thought this is not the case. Self-efficacy describes how effective and in control of their lives people believe they can be. People need to feel that they have a certain amount of control over their lives so as to be able to get out of difficult situations or meet challenges they are expected to meet.

How can I erase my identity and start over?

When people believe they are helpless to alter negative situations they find themselves in a situation called "learned helplessness" , they tend to get depressed. Though there are certainly many aspects of life that people cannot controlled, there are a remarkable number of things that can be influenced. People who have low self-efficacy expectations of themselves will believe they are helpless to influence their fate, however, and will generally not seek to alter their lives, even when they are suffering.

Self-efficacy tends to be domain-specific; You might feel confident in one area of your life but feel helpless to influence another. For those seeking addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one, the MentalHelp. Our helpline is offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment.

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