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Reason I ask is sex offender deputy scared me out of getting classified cause said someone had 12 counts and got predator status. The classification system can be intimidating. Most sex offenders who are charged and convicted are at very low risk to re-offend. But, without knowing all of the details of your case and your progress since conviction, it is only a guess. On another note, a registered sex offender with 2 prison stints of a violent, sexual nature has moved in across the street from our neighborhood elementary school.

Do you have any advice for parents like me? Convicted sex offenders are statistically less likely to commit a new sexual offense.

Georgia Sex Offender Registry

Without knowing the facts of his conviction offenses, it is difficult to say whether there is a substantial risk to children. On the other hand, forewarned is forearmed. You know that this person may be a risk or danger, that is true whether he lives across the street, down the block, or across town. That is not true of many other people you and your children may come in contact with.

When sexual crimes against children occur, it can come as a complete surprise by people you never suspected. Your best bet is to have upfront conversations with your children about safety, dealings with other people and being honest with parents about things that happen in their lives. His documentation — psychosexual evaluation, PPG , polygraphs never failed — are all pristine and he would be given very good feedback or neutral reviews from his POs.

He has a stack of recommendation letters from people in the community. He served 2, and is now 3 years into 12 years probation. Orig Offense in He is a performer and comes to work in my state AL , for which he has always needed a travel permit.

Nine people on the sex offender registry in Georgia are now living in tents in the woods, they say b

If he does not need one in GA, would he still need one in AL? Secondly, could he file for removal from the SO Registry at the same hearing? He fits all of these criteria from above : The registrant must also meet the following criteria: a. The victim was not transported during the offense; and f. The DA was sure he would get probation. Or plead guilty and take 2. He was given 45 minutes to make a decision. Clear record. Being made non-reporting does not terminate the sentence. Until the sentence is complete, either through running its course or early termination, he does not have standing to request removal from the registry.

Likewise, until the sentence is complete, he will continue to need a travel permit to leave the state of Georgia. He will also have to continue to notify probation if his address changes and update registry information as required by law. You do not give any information as to when his conviction occurred to evaluate whether a challenge to the conviction would be timely.

Black I searching for knowledge on the ft. He was released July 14, , we reunited in Jan, and talked about what happened in the past and started a new relationship with each other. The small town we live in recently started giving us issues about where we live.

When I google the distance from our home to the park which is directly across the street from the middle school it shows we live more than ft. I honestly think she is being untruthful but I have no way to prove it yet. Do u have any advice for us because I have to young kids my only income is child support and I cant afford to move.

My son is up for parole for child molestation supposedly committed on September 16, He has been in 10 and a half years. There was no dna evidence and the victim did not testify but he was convicted and got 13 in and seven probation. Child molestation is not listed within the occurrence dates. Can you clarify this for me? Because these classifications are not applied retroactively, this causes each of these terms to have different definitions depending upon the date of the conviction.

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Your comment does not specify the date of conviction. Since the offense date is September 16, , I assume that the conviction date is after that within a couple of years. OCGA a 10 B viii. Meeting either definition triggers registration for most people residing in or moving into Georgia. Where distances are being measured for sex offender registrants subject to residence or work restrictions, the distances are measured between the two closest boundary points of the two properties.

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It is not measured door-to-door or entrance-to-entrance. There is not a lot of direction in the statute or case law for the situation you describe where the owner of a property that would trigger restrictions also owns property abutting the restricted property where the abutting property is not dedicated to a restricted usage. I was convicted on of sexual assault of a child while in a position of trust. A felony by Colorado law.

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Currently I live in South Carolina and am considering moving to Georgia. How would I be classified under Georgia law? Are there any restrictions as to where I could live or work? Would I be able to petition the court to be removed from the registry list and how long after residency if possible? Thank you. If a person moving into the state of Georgia is required to register in the originating state, then they are required to register in Georgia. Georgia will not conduct any initial classification upon registration. A person who is on the registry can petition for removal from the registry.

If unclassified, as you would be at that stage, the court would order a classification. If the person is classified as a Level I, low risk, then the petition can proceed immediately, with no further waiting period. If the person is a Level II, moderate risk, then the petition can only proceed if it has been more than ten years from the completion of the sentence. When I took my plea for 10 years probation they never told me anything about having to register,nor was anything about registering for sex offender on therecord. Last week when I reported to probation they told me I had to register which I did.

I need this off of me what can I do? Registration requirements are collateral consequences of a conviction. The judge is not required to cover all collateral consequences of a conviction on the record. I really think that your lawyer should have informed you of that type of collateral consequence.

There are two ways to get you off the sex offender registry: 1 complete your sentence and successfully petition for removal but be on the registry for ten years or 2 successfully challenge the entry of your plea and have the sentence set aside. However, that places you in a position where the prosecution against you re-starts.

Good afternoon Mr. Black My husband was convicted in for statutory rape.

At the time the victim and her family tried to drop the charger because she you lady admitted that it was consensual and she lied about he age but the state decided to keep the case and charge him anyway. The young lady was 12 and my husband was We have been living in texas for a while and want to know what steps can be taken to have him deregistered of removed for the list?

Sean black…i was convicted by jury on june 6, for child molestation..

Sex Offender Registry

I have a question. If a person has 20 years for statutory rape consensual and serves 5 years prison and get released to serve the remaining time on papers can that person be eligible for early release of probation? This person is classified as level 1. No other convictions and no violations. Has completed all classes. Is it possible to ask for a sentence reduction or early removal?

The probation portion of a sentence is subject to modification throughout the sentence by the sentencing court. Modification can be of the conditions to be supervised and of the length of the sentence. Sex offenses can experience significant resistance from the courts in termination requests unless it is very clear that the person poses no threat of re-offending. Anyone on the registry who has completed the sentence and is not classified as a sexual predator may be eligible for removal from the Georgia registry.

Unclassified persons need to file a petition for removal in order to be classified. If your husband is a resident of Texas, he is not on the Georgia registry. He would need to pursue removal from the Texas registry if that is available. I have tried to find an answer and have been unable to.

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I really hope you can help me. My mother is having some health problems and is moving in with me, my husband, and my 4 child all under She wants her live in boyfriend to move in as well. I am worried! Please help. Thanks so much. Can a level 2 sex offender live with minors?