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It is further ordered that respondent shall not be reinstated to the practice of law in Ohio until 1 respondent complies with the requirements for reinstatement set forth in the Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio, 2 respondent complies with this and all other orders issued by this court, 3 respondent complies with the Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio, and 4 this court orders respondent reinstated. It is further ordered, sua sponte, by the court that within 90 days of the date of this order, respondent shall reimburse any amounts that have been awarded by the Clients' Security Fund pursuant to Gov.

VIII 7 F. It is further ordered, sua sponte, by the court that if, after the date of this order, the Clients' Security Fund awards any amount against respondent pursuant to Gov.

Lawrence Township (Mercer County) Property and Tax Data Index Table

It is further ordered that on or before 30 days from the date of this order, respondent shall:. Notify all clients being represented in pending matters and any co-counsel of respondent's suspension and consequent disqualification to act as an attorney after the effective date of this order and, in the absence of co-counsel, also notify the clients to seek legal service elsewhere, calling attention to any urgency in seeking the substitution of another attorney in respondent's place;.

Regardless of any fees or expenses due respondent, deliver to all clients being represented in pending matters any papers or other property pertaining to the client, or notify the clients or co-counsel, if any, of a suitable time and place where the papers or other property may be obtained, calling attention to any urgency for obtaining such papers or other property;. Refund any part of any fees or expenses paid in advance that are unearned or not paid, and account for any trust money or property in respondent's possession or control;.

Notify opposing counsel in pending litigation or, in the absence of counsel, the adverse parties of respondent's disqualification to act as an attorney after the effective date of this order, and file a notice of disqualification of respondent with the court or agency before which the litigation is pending for inclusion in the respective file or files;. Send all such notices required by this order by certified mail with a return address where communications may thereafter be directed to respondent;. File with the Clerk of this court and the Disciplinary Counsel of the Supreme Court an affidavit showing compliance with this order, showing proof of service of notices required herein, and setting forth the address where the affiant may receive communications; and.

Retain and maintain a record of the various steps taken by respondent pursuant to this order. It is further ordered that respondent shall keep the Clerk and the Disciplinary Counsel advised of any change of address where respondent may receive communications. It is further ordered, sua sponte, that all documents filed with this court in this case shall meet the filing requirements set forth in the Rules of Practice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, including requirements as to form, number, and timeliness of filings.

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All case documents are subject to Rules 44 through 47 of the Rules of Superintendence of Ohio, which govern access to court records. It is further ordered, sua sponte, that service shall be deemed made on respondent by sending this order and all other orders in this case to respondent's last known address. It is further ordered that the Clerk of this court issue certified copies of this order as provided for in Gov. V 8 D 1 , that publication be made as provided for in Gov.

V 8 D 2 , and that respondent bear the costs of publication. Today results of that examination are being released.

Former Adams Co. Deputy Chief appears in court, accused of raping a minor

Out of 1, applicants, applicants James Wilson was the surety. Jacob Bumgarner was the surety bondsman. In , Huldah Greene was admitted as guardian of the legal representatives of Cyrus D. Greene and Huldah Greene; Phineas D.


Hull and John C. Shute, bondsmen. In a recent issue of the Register a correspondent from West Virginia spoke of the early settler Ventraux. He afterwards died. His widow Virginia Fannie Madrid Ventraux, who owned the land, sold out to John Tierman, and took four of her children and went back to France and left four in this country. Some of her descendants live in Kanawha Valley.


Her son William kept store at Coalsmouth, a sister Fanny lived with him, and Edward, I think, is dead. Ventraux, built the first brick house except for the Burlington tavern in this county. The house is yet standing and owned by Ephraim McGee and son. In the same issue I saw an account of the death of John I. Brown, who was born in Proctorville, Ohio, in I would like to know to which family of Browns he belongs.

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Jacob Proctor and Abner Smith, I think, were the only resident land owners in in what is now Proctorville. Brown, known as Paddy Brown, built a cabin entirely of pawpaw trees just above the mouth of Paddy Creek and left there before He was a noted physician. John J. Brown went west about ?

Lawrence Township (Mercer County) Property and Tax Data Index Table

He had lived on Turkey Fork of Paddy Creek. Brown, of Scott Town living few rods north of where Rome Chapel is, moved away about that time. Following is a list of the county officers from the organization of the county up to recent years, with time of election and township from which elected.

In cases where the same person has held office for two or more successive terms, I give only the date of the commencement of the first term. The names of those deceased and those still living will be apparent to all interested in this history. James sic Joseph F. Elwood Hussey Upper Tp. Golden, ; P. Polley, May 19, — Part of the stone from the old jail assumes the form of a line of masonry on the Vernon-st. Thomas A. The paper is No. Walton, secretary. A peculiar coincidence is an article giving rumors of a prospective war between Russia and Turkey, just now trying to get together in the Balkans.

A legal notice or two, signed by Ralph Leete, as commissioner in chancery appears, as does also a number of sheriff sales, signed by Lewis Shepard as sheriff. Among the advertisements appears those of the old Burlington Academy, J. Rowe, A.

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Gilbert, Portsmouth, O. Carnahan, tailor, Hanging Rock. Among the professional men advertised are: Dr. Burke, Dr. Murphy and Dr. James; Attorneys J. The steamers Little Boone, J. Brubaker, master, Portsmouth to Pomeroy, and Olive, Capt. Church, Cincinnati to Pomeroy, are mentioned. Note from Sharon M. Kouns — I have added to these lists — see additions marked with my initials.

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Bruce enters on his duties as Recorder next Monday. Miss Misner will be his deputy — a first class Selection. Bruce is still recorder in Mathias was elected and resigned in Matthews appointed to fill the vacancy being elected in In , at the commencement of the spring session of Common Pleas Court, held at Burlington, a series of rules were promulgated by the court, Judges Ezra Osborne, John Davidson, William Miller and Gabriel Kerr, presiding, which indicate a high degree of ritualism existed in those days.

Here are three rules for the government of the members of the Bar:. Rule 1. The attorneys and counselors shall never make a motion unless they ask the court if they will hear such, and shall always stand in the place appointed them. Rule 2. They shall be orderly and treat each other with respect at the bar; shall make no noise, nor contradict no gentleman addressing the court or jury, unless first moving the court to interfere, and if the gentleman thus contradicted talk back, he shall suffer suspension at the hands of the court.

These rules are not, from a technical standpoint, much more stringent than those now governing the local bar, but they were probably enforced to the letter, in those days. But the idea of asking leave to interfere in an argument to the court in the present day will cause a smile among all who have listened to the legal repartee and back talk in modern times.

But, we presume then, as now, it all depends on the attorney, as to whether or not proper respect is accorded the court and his colleagues. That the dignity of the court in those days was not allowed to suffer through lack of protection and proper ceremonials, may be judged from the following rules for the Sheriff:. The Sheriff shall always sit in the Bar and hand all papers to the court from the Clerk. He shall keep order if any person makes a noise in the court house or elsewhere, so as to disturb the court, to command silence and if not immediately obeyed, to turn the person out of court, to suppress the noise, otherwise bring the person or persons before the court; neither shall he suffer any person to smoke within the Bar.

To attend the court at their lodgings the first day of the term, without solicitation and walk before them; and also every morning if required. O, yes!

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The Judges of the Court of Common Pleas for Lawrence County are now sitting, all persons having business to transact will give their attendance and they shall be heard. God save the State of Ohio and the Honorable Court. Commissioners of said county met for the first meeting in said county, after being duly organized at the house of Joseph Davidson, in the aforesaid town. Board all present pursuant to adjournment and after mature deliberation, it is agreed by said board to appoint Thomas Kerr clerk pro tem till the annual meeting on the first Monday in June next.

Further perseeded sic to appoint a county Treasurer, ordered by the Board that Thomas Kerr is appointed treasurer, for Lawrence County and he give bond as the law directs. Ordered that ferry license in the county of Lawrence across the different water courses shall be at the rate of two dollars till the first Monday in June next: and that the prices of transporting be as the law directs: agreed by said board that their be seven hundred dollars appropriated for to build a jail in the town of Burlington.

Board met pursuant to adjournment and perseeded that there shall be paid out of the county treasury two dollars for each wolf schulp over six months old and one dollar for each wolf schulp under six months old. Ordered that Joseph Davidson do furnish the court of Lawrence county a house for holding court until further preparations are made for the same.