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Reusing your parts for a great purpose! If you car qualifies for free towing we can have it pick up with 24 - 72 hours. Cars that qualify for our free towing service must be 10 years or newer. A title is highly recommended in some cases we can assist you in the event that you have simply lost or misplaced your title. No, a registration is not needed but helpful in some cases. Please call for more details.

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We buy any make, model, and condition as long as the vehicle is complete with no parts missing. Contact us for more details. We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. Or simply call us by phone. Open today.

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Be the first to hear about upcoming changes and additional services. About Us. Contact Us. My Services. The Junk Car Legacy Welcome to our website, and thanks for stopping by for a visit. Improperly disposing of them can lead to serious medical issues if they find their way into the water supply.

How to Find Junk Car Buyers Near Me?

A car tire will take over 50 years to decompose. Bumpers, windows, and body panels will take much longer. Instead of leaving them to rot, these parts can be recycled or repurposed. The same way we find everything these days: go online.

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Searching online is a great way to determine which yard to sell your vehicle to. Not only can you find what the different scrap yards offer, but you can read reviews as well. Since they are likelier to move parts quickly, they tend to offer more. Also, online buyers typically follow a standardized process.

That often leads to a more consistent experience. Reviews are the best way to determine the legitimacy of a junker.

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Getting quotes and actually speaking with someone will keep you better informed when making your choice. Many buyers will factor the cost of towing into their purchase price, so saving them this step may get you more money in your pocket. Have your registration and title ready to sign over. Be sure to go through your car and remove anything that you want to keep.

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Check the trunk and glovebox, even under the seats. If you do remove any components of the car itself, let the buyer know. Their purchase price is based on the assumption that all the parts are still intact.

Sometimes saying goodbye to a car can be an emotional experience. Instead of fond memories, it speaks to countless repair bills and hours spent on the side of the road following a breakdown. It saves you the trouble of getting the vehicle off your property while still rewarding you for its remaining worth. For more information on scrapping your car, visit our blog.