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Double click on above image to view full picture. More Views. The faded line drawing is a great subtle way to celebrate your favourite bear and piglet. Add to Basket. Wipe clean only.

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Expiring Oct. The good news is almost everything else is staying.

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Check out the full list below. October 1 It appears the adaptation of " The Little Prince ," the classic children's book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery , has a bit of a twist: It's about a little girl's interactions with the book itself.

Call Sartre, because that is some French meta business. Check out the trailer below.

Disney Returns to the Original Winnie the Pooh - The New York Times

We'll get to the stunning animation in a second, but I love the strange connection between the protagonist and the prince in this trailer. Milne book. It's always a good time to revisit our favorite children's movies, whether you're introducing your kids to them for the first time or enjoying a Disney classic yet again. If kids' movies like "Dumbo" and " The Rescuers " aren't already in your library, they're available right now to stream on Netflix, along with a lot of newer movies that will appeal to your kids and to the kid in you.

Availability subject to change. The famous studio rarely produces outright poor movies, yet this period is just as rarely mentioned in the same breath as its first decade or so, when classics like Pinocchio , Bambi, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs came to be, or the baptized renaissance that began with The Little Mermaid and lasted until Tarzan. It feels as though the aforementioned decade and a half feature a steady stream of decent, generally appreciated outings but nothing most people cite as being their favourite efforts. Neither does the film that opened the s,. These days, you can watch pretty much any movie online.

Yet there's still one thing the magical wonders of instant streaming haven't solved for indecisive movie-lovers: what the heck to watch! Moviefone is here to recommend the best streaming movies from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant and new digital releases from iTunes and Vudu each week in Moviefone's Digital Download.

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This week's Digital Download picks range from Disney classics and martial arts legends to haunted houses and revenge-seeking brothers. Check out our suggestions below, and happy streaming! Comedy: 'The Way, Way Back' This coming of age tale follows the shy, year-old Duncan, who slowly comes out of his shell after he is forced to go on summer vacation with his loving mom and her not-so-nice boyfriend. Milne character. Watching it 35 years later, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh remains the animated epitome of the character.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 1977 - Winnie the Pooh Best Memorable Moments

Read more Pick your favorites. Those eight words seem to presume that children are stupid and will gladly accept whatever is put on TV, loving it automatically because of the combination of moving pictures and colors.

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This week, Walt Disney Pictures has released two films on Blu-ray, both of which are very explicitly for kids. One is rightly considered a classic. The money generated helps pay our staff and keep the site running. First Name:.

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