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State-wide registration began in Birth records before this year are available from the relevant county probate court in the county or city department. Death records are copies of the information recorded in the official death certificate. County-level registration was introduced in and records were kept by the probate court.

The earliest records date back to the s. State-wide registration was introduced in Records before this date can be accessed from the relevant county probate court. This allows any member of the public in the state to access court and public records whenever they want.

Every Ohio resident now has the fundamental right to request government documents from any level. Box Columbus, OH Ohio State Records StateRecords.

Vital Records

Ohio Vital Records First Name:. Last Name:. Ohio Vital Records In Ohio, the Office of Vital Records is in charge of maintaining all state records relating to important life events. Divorce Records A divorce record is issued once the registration of said divorce is completed.

Marriage Records Marriage records are issued by the government once the marriage is officially registered. Birth Records Birth certificates are used to document the birth of each and every child, and can either refer to the original certificate itself, or a certified copy.


Death Records Death records are copies of the information recorded in the official death certificate. Why are these records available to the public?

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Weis and Company 1 J. Penney 2 J. Herman Furniture Store 5 J. Bonn and Son Grocer 1 J. Lebensburger 1 M. Hommel Winery 2 M.

Sandusky County OH Death Records

Bender Groceries 1 M. Herb Co.

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Hayes steamer 5 R. Hubbard and Son 2 R. Ann's Chapel 1 St. John's Cemetery 1 St. John's Chapel 1 St.

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John's Lutheran Church 1 St. Joseph Cemetery 1 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church 7 St. Mary's School 4 St.

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Patrick's Day 3 St. Paul Lutheran Church 1 St.

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  4. Stephen A. Church 1 St. Postal Service 5 U. This resulted in a compilation of brief death records of hundreds of residents who died at the Home from January 3, through December 31, Many volunteer hours were devoted to getting this compilation completed. The book is arranged alphabetically by surname.