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The City Council shall provide by ordinance for the compensation of any person designated to act as Municipal Judge under the provisions of this Section. There shall be a Municipal Division Clerk and such additional clerical staff as is necessary to aid the Municipal Division Clerk.

The Municipal Division Clerk under the supervision of the Municipal Judge and with the aid of other clerical personnel, shall have the following duties:. The duties provided for municipal divisions by Subsection 1 of Section To collect such fines for such violations of such offenses as may be described and the court costs thereof. To take oaths and affirmations. Sign and issue subpoenas requiring the attendance of witnesses and sign and issue subpoenas duces tecum. To accept the appearance, waiver of trial and pleas of guilty and payment of fine and costs in the Traffic Violations Bureau or as directed by the Municipal Judge, generally act as Violation Clerk of the Traffic Violations Bureau.

Perform all other duties as provided for by ordinance, by rules of practice and procedure adopted by the Municipal Judge and by the Missouri Rules of Practice in Municipal and Traffic Courts and by statute. The Municipal Court Clerk shall be paid a salary as established by the Council from time to time. In addition to any fine that may be imposed by the Municipal Judge, there shall be assessed as costs in all cases, the following:. Court costs to be used in the training of peace officers as set out herein:. This fee shall be transmitted monthly to the Treasurer of the City.

Other costs, such as for the issuance of a warrant, a commitment, or a summons, as provided before Associate Circuit Judges in criminal prosecutions. Actual costs assessed against the City by the County Sheriff for apprehension or confinement in the County Jail. All sums collected pursuant to this Subsection shall be distributed on a monthly basis to the Director of Revenue of the State of Missouri to be placed to the credit of the Independent Living Center Fund established by Section Reimbursement of certain costs of arrest.

Upon a plea or a finding of guilty for a first offense of violating the provisions of an ordinance of the City of Caruthersville, involving alcohol- or drug-related traffic offenses, the Court may, in addition to imposition of any penalties provided by law, order the convicted person to reimburse the Police Department for the costs associated with such arrest. Such costs hereby authorized shall include the reasonable cost of making the arrest, including the cost of any chemical test made as authorized or required by law or ordinance to determine the alcohol or drug content of the person's blood, and the costs of processing, charging, booking and holding such person in custody.

The Chief of Police shall establish a schedule of such costs hereby authorized and shall submit the same to the Municipal Judge. However, the Court may order the costs reduced if it determines that the costs are excessive. The court costs in all cases shall not be suspended unless at the request of the City. The Marshal of the City shall collect all court costs as taxed and shall safely keep such monies.

The Marshal shall pay over to the City all court costs in accordance with the provisions established in the ordinances for fines. All monies deposited in such fund shall be used for training City Police Officers and may not be used for any other purpose. There is hereby authorized the creation, funding and use of a fund to be known as the "Caruthersville Criminal Investigation Fund" to be used to provide for and accommodate all of the purposes and considerations hereinafter set forth in this Section.

Funding Of Fund. The funding of the account known as the "Caruthersville Criminal Investigation Fund" shall be by payments required as a special condition of probation hereafter to be afforded by the Municipal Judge in certain cases brought before the Municipal Court in the discretion of the Municipal Judge of the City of Caruthersville, Missouri.

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Use Of Fund. The authorized use of the monies hereafter accumulated in said Fund shall be limited to the following purposes:. Payment of expert witness fees;.

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Payment of rewards;. Payment for transcripts;. Payment of fees and costs incurred in the laboratory analysis of physical evidence;. Payment of expenses and costs incurred by victims, witnesses, investigative officers and prosecutorial officials reasonably related to the investigation, preparation, trial and disposition of cases wherein venue for the prosecution of the offense or incident would lie within the City of Caruthersville, Missouri.

Maintenance Of Fund. The Fund herein created will be maintained at an appropriate financial institution located within the City of Caruthersville, Missouri, as may be agreed by a majority of the authorized signatories for the account; and the account so created shall be maintained upon a signature card bearing the signatures of the parties hereafter named, and withdrawals from the account shall be authorized only upon signatures affixed by no less than two 2 of the authorized signatories who are:.

Mayor of the City of Caruthersville, Missouri;. Chief of Police of the City of Caruthersville, Missouri; and.

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Collection, Interest And Accounting. All funds collected shall be receipted through and by the Clerk of the Municipal Court of the City of Caruthersville, Missouri; the account herein created and into which said funds are deposited shall be an interest bearing account and all interest received shall follow the account; and, an accounting of this Fund shall be made annually to the City Council of the City of Caruthersville, Missouri. The Municipal Court shall sit in regular session to hear and dispose of all violations of the City ordinances on such day of the week and time as may be set by order of the Municipal Judge.

The Municipal Court shall be open at all other times for the transaction of business.

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Upon the completion of the term of office by the current elected Municipal Judge, or upon a vacancy in such office, all subsequent Municipal Judges shall be selected by appointment by the Mayor, with the consent and approval of a majority of the members elected to the City Council. Such appointments shall be made at the first 1st regular meeting of the City Council held in the month of May of each even-numbered year. If a vacancy occurs in the office of Municipal Judge, the Mayor, with the consent and approval of a majority of the members of the City Council, shall appoint a qualified person to serve as Municipal Judge for the remainder of the unexpired two 2 year term of office.


Such Associate Municipal Judge shall be compensated in accordance with the salary schedule established by ordinance for compensation of the Municipal Judge during all periods the Associate Municipal Judge is actively serving as the Municipal Judge pursuant to an order of the Circuit Court. You may be able to download blank forms from a government website depending on your state.

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